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Our  team  consists  of  a  Board  Certified  Nurse  Practitioner,  Physician,  and  Registered  Nurses.

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Meet the People's Nurse with a D.O.P.E. HEALING STORY

Keisha Brown, BSN, RN

From her humble beginnings as a dedicated emergency room nurse to becoming a renowned advocate for holistic health, Keisha, also known as The People Nurse, has a truly inspiring story. With over nine years of experience in Pediatric and Adult Emergency Medicine, she understands the importance of personalized care and listening to patients' needs.

But Keisha didn't stop there. Fuelled by her experiences in the healthcare industry as a nurse and watching others' journey of overcoming chronic illness through integrative methods, she founded D.O.P.E Healing, a medical spa that specializes in unlocking the healing power of holistic health with a positive approach. Through her IV therapy and wellness services, she helps clients achieve optimal health and well-being by delivering it with positive energy.

With her extensive knowledge and passion for preventive care, Keisha continues to expand her integral health hub, offering the highest quality integrative wellness services, mental health products, and classes. But what really sets her apart is her wit, humor, and engaging personality. When you meet Keisha, you're not only in for an informative experience, but an entertaining one too.

If you're looking for someone who truly cares about your health and well-being, Keisha, The People Nurse, is the expert you need. Discover the transformative power of positive energy and let Keisha guide you on your own path to wellness.

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All IV hydration services are under the supervision of a board-certified Medical Director.


'The People's Nurse"

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